Giving Your Home Curb Appeal With A Remodel

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When potential home owners are searching for a new house, they may look around and think one simply looks more attractive without realizing why. Curb appeal are the elements that make a house attractive from the road or from the yard. When planning your home renovation, keep in mind elements that add to the house's curb appeal.

Front Walkway

The walkway to the front door is more than a path from the sidewalk to the entryway. The front walkway has the potential to set an ambience for the visit. Curved walkways with eye-catching landscaping are especially attractive, according to Better Homes and Gardens. If your home does not already have such a walkway, consider adding one. You don't need a huge front yard – add interest with a path that goes around a mini-garden and by a water feature or other yard art.

Front Doors

If the walkway sets the ambience, the front door serves as the greeting. An outstanding front door can even become a neighborhood focal point. Color is often the first aspect people notice, followed by the door's construction. Think about what statement you want to make with your front door. If you want it to stand out, look to hues on the opposite side of the color wheel from your home's façade. For a more soothing look, select an analogous color for the door.


Windows are an essential aspect of your home's appeal from both the outside and inside. The goal is to let in a lot of natural light while keeping the exterior pleasing. Windows are a little more challenging to change out than a front door, but updating your windows definitely impacts curb appeal. Look for symmetry in placing windows, but don't be afraid to play a little with geometry. For instance, add a circular window to contrast with a rectangular door and entryway windows.


Front yards are great spaces, but they can make inhabitants feel like they're on display. Fencing is a fix for this. Picket fences are charming, but they don't add a lot of privacy. However, if you fancy white pickets anyway, consider adapting them with appropriate landscaping. For instance, an arbor or a garden gate with plants trained over top can add both seclusion and curb appeal. Alternatively, consider installing a relatively maintenance-free chain link fence but beautifying it with planters and a living border.

When it's time to remodel your home, making it more comfortable is the prime consideration. However, don't forget to consider aesthetic values that add to your house's curb appeal. Contact a contractor like Suburban Construction Inc for more information.


23 June 2015

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