Wood Vs Metal Roofing


Wood and metal are opposites in many ways. Many people consider wood to be a very stylish material, while metal is more utilitarian and not quite as beautiful. Regardless of your opinions of the two materials, they are both commonly used on roofs because they are practical. Obviously, they have different characteristics that you need to consider. This article explains the main differences between a wood and metal roof.

Wood Roofs

Wood roofs come in all different shapes and forms. Of course, shingles are the most common when it comes to residential construction. The small size of shingles makes them very cheap to install. Shingle design is usually reliable, but it definitely has weak points. Wood shingle products should last over 30 years, but it is likely that you will have other problems during this time. For instance, if any of the shingles get ruined, split, or fall off of the roof, you will probably need to make some actual repairs to the roof. So, the actual wood should last 30 years, but you will probably need to do some maintenance and repairs during this time. Of course, most of the small repairs aren't going to be very costly.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs aren't as common in residential construction, but they are used on commercial buildings, barns, storage sheds, and many other structures. Metal is one the cheapest product to install because it comes in large, lightweight, and affordable sheets. The metal roof can last over 50 years, but it is the most susceptible to water. That is, a metal roof that starts to rust can deteriorate within just a couple of years if the paint comes off. So, metal should probably be avoided in the most damp climates.

Climate Is Important

With both wood and metal, the temperature and climate have a big impact on the lifespan of the product. In general, places that are wetter, colder, or hotter experience the shortest lifespan. Also, if the temperature changes drastically from day to night, it can take a toll on any roofing product. However, wood is more susceptible to temperature issues. Wood can swell when it gets wet and then crack as it dries out. Metal is water resistant as long as the paint finish holds up.

You have to be mindful of what product is going to be most practical for your particular home, but both metal and wood can be great choices. Reach out to a roofing contractor like those represented at https://www.skerlec.com/ to learn more.


25 July 2018

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