Change The Looks Of Your House By Creating A Sunken Living Room


Through remodeling efforts at your home, you can change the way the space in your home looks and is used, and there are hundreds of ways you can accomplish this. One of the neatest ideas you may want to consider doing in your home is dropping your living room to create a "sunken" area. While this is not the cheapest type of project you could choose, it is one that would definitely impact the way your house looks and functions.

What Is a Sunken Room?

A sunken living room is often referred to as a conversion pit. It is something that works well in large living rooms, and it can be done with homes that have basements or crawlspaces. If your home is on a slab foundation, building a sunken room would be extremely difficult and costly.

A sunken room is one that is lower than the rest of the room or house. It has stairs next to it, and you can choose how deep the room is. In most cases, sunken rooms only have two or three stairs going to them. In other words, these areas are not on a different level; they are just lower than the rest of the area.

Creating a room like this will change the way your living room looks. It will add beauty, depth, and creativity to the room, and you can use the space to hold couches, chairs, a TV, or anything else that you have.

How Is This Accomplished?

If this is something that you are interested in doing, you will need to hire a home remodeling contractor to complete the job. The contractor will first evaluate the situation to see if it is feasible and will then complete the job in a series of steps which will include:

  1. Cutting out the floor in the living room
  2. Lowering the beams under the floor
  3. Installing the beams several feet lower than they were
  4. Building a new floor
  5. Adding stairs to get to the sunken room
  6. Finishing the area with flooring material and anything else that is needed

This type of project can be hard to do, but it is usually not impossible.

If you would like to find out if this is possible in your living room, call a home remodeling contractor like Alborn. The contractor will need to inspect your house before giving you an answer, and he/she will then calculate a quote for this project.


13 March 2015

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