4 Unique And Creative Ways To Recycle Your Old Glass Bottles


Home improvement doesn't always have to be about ripping out the cabinets or tearing up the floor. Instead, it can be about creating something new with something unique. Glass wine and better bottles are the perfect example. Most people would never think about using glass bottles to create something incredibly beautiful and improve the home, but they work. Here are a few ideas:

Hanging Lights

If you're looking for a way to add simple sophistication to a room, then creating a row of hanging bottle lights can be perfect. Try to choose recycled wine or beer bottles that are similar in size, shape and color. Alternatively, you could alternate between two or three different colors, depending on the desired look you are trying to achieve. A small light can be placed inside each bottle and then suspended from the ceiling.

Stained Glass

Rather than using paint to create a beautiful stained glass panel, you can use recycled wine and beer bottles. You'll only use the bottom of the bottles, so you'll have to cut off the bottoms. You will then arrange them in an eye-catching pattern. Don't forget to choose a wide variety of bottle colors, sizes and patterns to really make the panel stand out. You can use the panel as a piece of wall art, window panes or an entire glass wall. The choices are truly endless.

Twine-Wrapped Vases

Old glass bottles can easily be turned into a flower vase or a decorative element in your home. For a rustic look, you can use twine and wrap it around the bottle starting at the bottom. You'll continue until none of the glass can be seen. Hot glue or craft glue should be sufficient in keeping the twine in place. If you don't want to use twine, you can use yarn to create a vintage-style look.

Glass Bottle Patio Partition

Whether you want to separate the patio into sections in a creative way or would like a semi-private wall between the patio and the backyard, a beautiful wall partition can be made out of glass bottles. A hole will need to be drilled through the bottom of each bottle. You will then glide the bottles onto a piece of rebar that is the height of the wall. Mix and match sizes, colors and shapes of glass bottles for a unique look.

You may require the assistance of a home improvement contractor with the hanging lights, installing the stained glass window panels and even the glass bottle wall out on the patio. While you have a contractor in your service, you may want to speak to him about other improvements that can be made to your home to enhance its appearance and increase its value.


18 March 2015

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