Three Energy Efficient Choices For Replacing Your Old Water Heater


There are many choices for energy efficient appliances and mechanical systems in your home. You may have energy efficient air conditioning, kitchen appliances and lighting in your home. There are also things that can be done to reduce the energy consumption for simple things like hot water. If you need to replace an old hot water heater, you may want to have one that uses less energy and saves you money. Here are three energy efficient water heaters that will help you to reduce your energy costs:

1. Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar energy is something that is becoming more affordable. You have many choices for solar energy, which can include PV panels for producing electricity. There are also solar collectors that can be mounted on your roof to provide your home with hot water. These panels will give your home the hot water you need and reduce your energy costs. These systems will need a small gas-heating element to provide you with hot water when solar energy is not available, but the gas consumption is minimal since most of the time water will be heated by the sun.

2. Heat Pump Water Heater For More Efficiency

Another extremely efficient water heater is a heat pump system. These water heaters work much like the air conditioner in your home. They remove the heat from the environment and use it to heat the water that is stored in a tank. These systems are much more efficient than conventional water heaters and can greatly reduce energy costs. They can also help to keep an area like a garage cool during hot summer months, because they use the available heat and have cooler exhaust.

3. Tankless Hot Water Heater For Hot Water On Demand

If you want a more conventional hot water heater, tankless systems are another great option. These systems heat water in a coil as it is need, which provides you with hot water on demand. Since there is no tank that needs to maintain water at a constant temperature, these systems are much more efficient. There are also tankless models that can be powered by gas or with electricity, which gives you the choice of what type of system to have installed in your home according to your needs.

These are some of the choices you have for an energy efficient water heating in your home. If you need help installing one of these systems, contact a contractor that installs water heaters, such as Parkey's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, and ask them about some of these solutions for your home.


23 March 2015

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