Has Your Well Gone Dry? 3 Potential Solutions To Your Problem


When a well goes dry, it means that there is no longer any water or the water it produces is not of acceptable quality. There are several reasons that this can happen, such as drought that causes a well to be shallow when it typically has a lot of water. An old well could have issues with its casing, or an outdated pump. Thankfully, each problem does have a solution, which includes drilling further down, installing a brand new pump, or even renovating the well's casing. If your well is dry, try these 3 things.

Low Water or a Shallow Well

A problem that can happen if you rely on a well for water is that the well is too shallow. The problem typically happens when there is a severe drought in the area. While this is a problem that you could potentially wait out until the weather improves, it is not ideal if your home depends on well water.

The solution is having your well drilled even deeper than it currently is, and having a deeper well pump installed as well. It will help ensure that you don't run out of water even in very bad drought conditions.

Old Casing That Contains Debris

As the well gets older, so does the casing that was originally built with it. It's possible that you have debris that is now clogged inside the caring's pores. The pores of the casing are how water seeps into the well, so it then can be pumped into your home.

You'll need to have your well's casing cleaned and renovated to solve this problem. In extreme circumstances, the casing may need to be replaced completely.

Outdated Equipment That Is Failing With Old Age

A well pump uses equipment with moving parts, so it can easily see wear and tear from years of use. Problems come up more often with very deep wells, or wells that utilize a submersible pump. Any pump that is submersible will be constantly exposed to minerals in the well water, which can cause harm to the pump over time. In addition, there can be parts of the pressure system and filters that also need replacing.

When you do run into problems with a dry well, it is best to hire a professional to come out to your home and assess the issue. They can provide you with an estimate to get your well running again and do all of the work for you.

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28 July 2016

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