Asphalt Tiles Are Great For Siding Too


The home siding material on your house is one of the most important features when it comes to defining how it looks. That is, your siding can make or break the style of your home. Homes with old siding that is worn down, faded, and out of style, is also going to look outdated. If you want to modernize your home, replacing the siding is one of the best places to start. Actually many siding materials, like asphalt tiles, can be installed directly on top of your existing material. So, you don't "replace" it, instead you are "adding to" your walls. Asphalt tiles are one of the best modern siding materials for many reasons. This article explains why asphalt tiles are perfect for modern residential siding.

Asphalt Siding Tiles are Similar to Roofing Tiles

Asphalt siding tiles are some of the cheapest and most practical materials on the market. They are very similar to asphalt roofing tiles, which are probably the most common roofing material all around the world. In fact, if you look around, you might notice that a lot of the buildings, whether they are residential or commercial, have asphalt tile roofs. Asphalt tiles are used on roofs and siding for their practicality and strength. Basically, it is hard to find another product that is so affordable yet low maintenance.

What are Asphalt Siding Tiles?

Asphalt siding tiles, are very different from asphalt pavement. Basically, they are flexible and thin tiles that are coated with a sandpaper texture. This gives them a speckle, multiple-colored finish. Most asphalt tiles are dark in color, but the color is never solid. It usually has a random gradient. You can also find earth tones and lighter colors, which are better for sunny climates.

Usually, the colors are very subtle, and the asphalt tiles look great when they are all installed on your walls. That is, the random coloring on the individual tiles, created by the speckles and gradients, creates a slight pattern when the siding is completely installed. This creates a random, and natural looking wall. If you also have asphalt tile roofs, it is probably going to look better if your roof and siding are different colors. The color contrast defines the roofs and makes the walls stand out.

Ultimately, it is hard to beat the affordability of asphalt tiles. Homeowners who want to save even more money will often install them on their own.


15 May 2018

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