More Than Square: How Custom Deck Builders Can Create More Interesting Decks for You


Decks are often square. While this type of deck is functional, it is not very decorative. If you want a deck that is more than just the usual square or rectangle jutting out from the back or side of your home, consider hiring custom deck builders. Here is what custom deck builders can build for you.


Do you know what is neat about octagonal decks? There are eight corners in which people can sit, and plenty of room left in the middle. Octagonal decks also give you plenty of space for kids to play, a grill, and even deck or picnic furniture. Octagonal decks are rather large, so be sure you have enough room for one before you ask a deck builder to get started. Otherwise, you can always opt for a hexagonal deck.


If you do not quite have the room for an octagonal deck, try a hexagonal one. It is two less sides and two less corners, but it also reduces the amount of yard space needed to construct such a deck. Better still, it requires less wood and less labor, which in turn costs less, too.

Expandable Decks

Just as dining room tables can be expanded with leaves, so too can decks. Well, maybe not with leaves​, per se, but certainly with pull-out decking that slides in and out from underneath the main deck. Part of the main deck supports one side of the pull-out deck. Than  fold-down feet support the opposite side. This allows you to have double the deck space if you are entertaining a lot more guests than usual.

​Tiered Decks with Stairs or Chair Lifts

Tiered decks are ideal if your backyard dips off into a ravine or you live on a hill. Most of the time, tiered decks can be any shape you want.  They can also have stairs connecting the decks to each other. The decks can also be separate if you want decks off multiple rooms. For example, if you want a private deck for the master bedroom and a separate deck off of the kitchen, deck builders can make that happen. They can even build a deck that circles your home and heads down the hill. In addition to all the ways in which decks can connect, wrap, and drop away, deck builders can make all of your tiered decking accessible with chair lifts, a handy feature if and when you can no longer climb the stairs.


10 October 2018

A Shed for Dad

I grew up on a small cattle ranch in the southern United States. My dad has been a cowboy all of my life. He spends most of his time outdoors. For years, he didn’t have anywhere to store his equipment such as hay string, troughs, and other items. One spring, my family members decided to give dad something special, a outdoor shed of his own. Now, he has a place to neatly store all of his ranch related articles. If you’re searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift this year, consider surprising your dad with an outdoor shed. On this blog, you will discover how to work with a general contractor to build your father the shed of his dreams.