The Short List: Why Paper And Absorbent Materials Are Bad for Your Septic System


There are many resources out there that talk about septic tank care. The following information is different in that it focuses on two common household substances and items that should never be allowed into the home septic system, along with information to explain why they cause damage.  1. Paper products (other than septic-safe toilet tissues) Paper and cardboard products are some of the most frequently flushed materials in the home. In addition to permissible amounts of septic-safe toilet tissue, families commonly flush personal care wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes, and even cigarette butts down the toilet.

6 November 2019

Shingles: Choosing Your New Roof


A roof isn't just about keeping your property and family safe from the various elements; a roof also creates a visual appeal that many home components are unable to do. Regardless of whether you are selecting a roof for a brand-new home or a new roof for your existing home, there are several things that must be taken into consideration, including materials, cost, and installation requirements. This article will focus on materials.

2 September 2019

3 Reasons To Get Your Plumbing Subcontractors From A Staffing Service


Even though a general contractor submits bids on major construction projects, the contractor cannot do all of the work alone. Subcontractors are hired along the way to help complete specialized tasks during the construction process. Plumbers are among the most popular types of subcontractors. The quality of the plumbing system can have a significant impact on the usability of a finished building, so you should always seek out qualified subcontractors through a plumbing staffing service.

24 June 2019

Choosing a Contractor for Commercial Construction Projects


Selecting construction contractors for residential work can be difficult and stressful enough, but commercial projects often significantly larger investments. Depending on your project, there may be millions or tens of millions of dollars of capital on the line. You must consider all of the same factors that you would for a residential contractor, but there is also a myriad of additional business considerations to keep in mind. If you are not the only investor in your project, then there are other stakeholders to satisfy as well.

10 April 2019

3 Payroll Tips For Your Contractor Business


Going from being a construction contractor yourself to owning your own contractor business is a wise move. Your business is now scalable which means that as demand for your services grows, you can continue to hire more contractors to work for you and watch your revenue grow steadily in turn. While this is a positive development, it also comes with a lot of new responsibilities, like managing payroll. Here are three payroll tips for your contractor business:

28 January 2019